By Maria, 3
Posted by SANE
5th Jan 2018

Quite often I just cannot sleep.

How slow the hands of time will creep.

I toss and turn my troubled mind.

Can claim no peace or solace find.


I'm so complex, just who am I?

Childlike yet deep, insecure and shy.

But not afraid to lend my views,

Speak out quite often when I choose.


Depression plagues me, anxiety too,

Yet love to laugh, my strength the glue,

That keeps me sane when life gets tough.

Even when I've had enough.


I've left my spring, my summer's passed.

And yet inside my youth will last.

Because that child just won't let go.

Just hastening years my dreaded foe.


My family are my shining light,

Who give me purpose, give me fight.

I still can't help my jumbled thoughts

That keep me prisoner, out of sorts.


Just wish my sleep was peace and calm,

Beneath it's long for a gentle arm.

And so, I pen my thoughts instead

As I lay restless in my bed.

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