By Maria, 2
Posted by SANE
5th Jan 2018

Don't just tell me I'm sad or I need to just smile.

When depression engulfs you, you're lost for a while.

Don't tell me to snap out of the blackness I'm in.

I try to break through and not let it win.


It's not for attention, or to seek sympathy.

I just want for my mind to be cleansed, to be free.

I want to wake up and feel inner peace.

For the light to shine through and the demons to cease.


We all have our triggers, a history of our own.

An illness that cripples, we pray will atone.

The pills, yes they help, for some, they do not.

Just look in my eyes, though I smile, they do not.


The brief spells of happy, we know just won't last.

In the blink of an eye they are gone way too fast.

We try to remember others suffer as much.

But when the clouds are with you, you're alone, out of touch.


To talk helps so much, with others who know.

Just how it controls, suffocates, won't let go.

We all want that day when these feelings will end.

Our loved ones look on, their support always lend.


Mental illness, like cancer, discriminates not.

Manifests many guises, many forms in its pot.

So please don't forget to be depressed is not blue,

It's a sickness like many, we want a cure too.

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