By Maria
Posted by SANE
5th Jan 2018

Calm the wind, soothe the rain, bring forth the sunlit day.

Unleash the thoughts that cloud my mind, and help me find my way.

Undo the harm that nestled there, the thorns that grew within.

I wish I had inside my mind my own recycle bin.


Sow the seeds of fragrant blooms to suffocate the weeds.

Let the light shine through, create a plot where sanctuary feeds.

Inside my mind there used to be so many happy rooms.

A fire spread, that burned the joy releasing toxic fumes.


Deep clean the blackened embers, each room whitewashed and clean.

Then furnish with a field of hope, where bleakness once had been.

There's so much beauty to be found, a place beyond the grey.

Life is so short and precious, be strong, create a way.

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