Mental health
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22nd Dec 2017

By Rocky Poole, aged 18

Why is mental health shunned and brushed under the carpet?

Why do we bury our heads in the sand when asked about our mental health?

Why are we embarrassed to admit our struggles?

Mental health is something we all obtain and each and everyone's mental health is unique. Everyone has a past, a present and each survivor has a story.

The gradients of mental health vary with different degrees and severities. Yet for some, mental illness ingrains itself like a parasite for the sufferer and makes life an endless battle.

Mental illness kills. It ruins lives and infects the individual leaving emotional and even physical scars. However, that side of mental illness has been journaled about and this piece isn't going to hit too hard apon the subject of how mental illness effects the individual. I simply hope these words raise awareness of mental illness and helps people to branch out, get talking and be honest. In this world, were surrounded by millions of people, all riding this wave of life, all in their own unique way. Everyone has a story to tell and a battle being fought. It's not a crime to have history. Mental illness is nothing to be embarrassed about.

I came across a situation that upset me immensely, and thought that it needed to be shared: A mother of a school child had to call the school with an excuse as to why her son had to have the day off school. 'Our son has the flu, he won't be attending today' - When in reality; their son is sufferering anxiety attacks at the thought of his upcoming tests and social situations are increasingly overwhelming. Mental health related issues should be discussed and explored as the ever growing discovery of mental illness is certainly on the rise. Speaking as a sufferer of mental illness; I can say from my own experiences that mental illness can 'single' you out in today's society and at times, you do feel alone, as though no one understands and even that you're 'the odd one out'... It's the harsh reality, and experienced by millions of people all around the world. We shouldn't have to feel alone when suffering from mental illness, we are not any different to others and we are not defined by our supposed labels. We are not our illness - an illness has us.

The more we learn to accept, talk and open up, the more people, hopefully, will branch out and maybe even reach for the help they've always wanted. Let's stand together and rise against the stigmata of mental illness and embrace our differences as individuals. Let's get talking. Let's open our hearts and ears and be more understanding towards others. When you're honest and more open about mental health, others graviate towards you and begin to feel more relaxed also about their own health.

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