Today is step one
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19th Aug 2011

Ok so I've never written a blog before but I have published my story on here 'History repeats itself'
For some reason today I felt like it was time to put my story out there or part of it at least so if you have time please read it, its not a kind story or self pitying and I am no hero in it,its just the sad truth of a family torn apart by Mental illness and the lack of understanding of how it affects so many people not just the person suffering daily.
Thankfully my perception of Mental illness has changed over the years and had to quite dramatically when my daughter became affected a few years ago.
I wish I had some wonderful advice or words of wisdom but I don't other than,however alone you may feel, you are NEVER truly alone, someone somewhere will want to listen to talk to them, maybe they can't help but they can share the burden x x

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