I Am a Warrior by James Ingham
Posted by SANE
8th Dec 2017

I have battle scars. 

And these imperfections are a part of who I am.  

They are not a marker of my weakness.

Nor are they a sign of the defeats I have suffered along the way. 

They are war wounds from my many victories. 

I no longer feel the pressure to hide these flaws. 

I am no longer embarrassed or ashamed by them.

In fact, I now wear them with pride as war paint. 

They make me a survivor, not a victim. 

I am a fighter.

I am a warrior.

For no matter how deep the cut. 

Or devastating the blow. 

These insecurities don't define me.

But they do make me a part of who I am. 

They complete me. 

I have battle scars. 

But no longer have to hide them. 

I am a warrior.  

I wear them with pride. 

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