Quetiapine a beginners guide?
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18th Aug 2011

So it's been a week since I first encountered quetiapine 'the miracle drug' others have told me, and although it's kept me mellow it's also kicked me in my ase, fir want of a better phrase.
About 15 minutes after taking it I get that feeling of tired that I've only experienced before after a full night of drinking, the kind of tired that you cant put words together, that you could sleep any where and are unable to make words.
Once I do hit my bed my limbs feel like cement my duvet seems so heavy that you couldn't find any where more comfortable on earth... And this is great if you have at least 9 hours to sleep and even after that the mornings I'm so drowsy that I can barley grip
Now I find that living a normal life it's not generally easy to make time for 9 hours if not more of sleep
I'm sick of being told I have to put my health first, having to miss out on things to protect myself
So I decided not to take it last night, and things were going fine until this afternoon.
Now I know that there is no point, that however hard I try things will never get better
Every thing is such hard work , it just doesnt seem worth it
Things move and change around me but nothing really changes it just moves location
I know that I will never amount to anything, that I will never mean anything, or be of any incident
I will continue on this tread mill, things will pass me by , I wont hang on to anything
I guess it's the clarity that scares me

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