Holidays- how do they make you feel?
Posted by logic640
3rd Dec 2017

When holidays come around it is a large relief that one finally has the time to unwind and spend quality time with love ones. This is an awesome way to make yourself happier as the interaction with loved ones always makes one seem valued and respected- a great self-esteem raiser! However, it is possible for all this free time to have a negative effect on your mind and lead to much rumination of negative experiences. One way to go about this is to utilise this time to learn from these experiences and take from them the lessons that have led to personal growth. By doing so, any worry circuits created can be broken out of and it leads to those experiences sparking positive emotions rather than negative. For me, changing my perspective on setbacks experienced and focusing on the lessons learned from them has changed my mentality for the better. The things that used to dishearten me no longer have that effect on me and I feel the positive effects in each aspect of my life and it all began with a change in perspective!

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