Mind Games by Matt Hall
Posted by SANE
24th Nov 2017

One day at a time,

Is often a line,

Delivered to people,

Seen to be struggling of some kind,


But people who suffer from mental distress,

Will know the mind plays tricks; like a game of chess,


At night, consumed by your very own mind,

Being used a pawn and gradually undermined,


We will criticize ourselves for being weak,

But in reality, it is the approval and acceptance we seek,


Yet, there’s this feeling we must abide by societies’ rules,

Without the right help or fundamental tools,


The human mind will always like to take full control,

Even at points where we’re at an all-time low,


What we must learn is to shift the way we think,

Avoidance, control and rejection are the underlying links,


It must be noted, it would be seriously remiss,

To think that life is about living in perpetual bliss,


We face challenges each and every day,

But it is how we tackle these hurdles along the way,


We can overcome anything if we don’t let fear take hold,

But we must be brave, we must be bold.


It is only you who can conquer yourself,

It is then, that you’ll begin to feel in good health,


Everything in life comes at a cost,

What we’ve won, and what we’ve lost,


But no matter the obstacles that we will face,

Remember to acknowledge that you have earned your place.

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