Posted by sunshine
5th Nov 2017


The fear unknown leads to fear and hatred
As misinformation created by the media
Against people who are disabled
Having a disability does leave you weakened
This does not make you weak with those around
Or pale in comparison with others around you
Through lies told by the corrupted systems
To keep us controlled and in the darkness
A system which seeks to split people
From social groups and reality
Discrimination is spread by small minds
For small minds have small mouths
Due to societies preconceptions and misunderstanding
But show them that they are wrong
Disabled lives matter for we are the same

We are human
Just like you and the rest of humanity
Although the names they shout at us
The narrow minds of small people
Is spread by callous societies elite
Filters through to the world we live
We have our rights we have seen dwindle
The plight of our cause be left unheard
The suffering many outweigh the perfect few
As the light of the days ahead are darkened
From view.

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