so angry at these so called professionals who are supposed to help people in crisis
Posted by missdfreid
31st Oct 2017

recently got referred to mental health team from gp in my area , went for a assesment got told they cant help so got referred to a next team had to do another assesment and anyone who has done these asessments can tell you its emotionally tiring. Anyway went to it spilled my guts and my life story cried in this clinically cold room for a hour and a half and never even got offered a simple thing called a TISSUE, that was bad enough but a few weeks later i got the report of the asessment through the post there is in total 13 mistakes in a four page report the lady clearly fabricated and lied 13 times, even said my dead mum who died wen i was 14 im now 30 used to smoke CRACK now where the hell did she get that info her ass? im absolutly disgusted in the whole system, i went there for help for anger management as well as counselling because i dont trust people ive been let down by people all my life. And ironically the same people i went to help ie mental health team have actually made my distrust worse. so where do i go from here? i ask myself, mmmm well back onto antideppressants, ive moved home in last two weeks so new job also, ive also asked them to retract this report off my file and i also want a written aoplogy for the distress its caused to me. i also asked them to re train there staff, and to make sure this doesnt ever happen to anyone else. i cant believe in this day and age that proffessionals who we vulnerable people turn to can make these sorts of mistakes, its lucky im not feeling suicidle atm coz if i was this could really have tipped me over the edge they need to realize they are playing games with peoples lives and its not a game to those who are on the recieving end of it. so thank u for taking the time to read this :)

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