Suicide of a Treasure
Posted by sunshine
29th Oct 2017

She was the most popular girl in school and no one knew
no one knew the pain she hid and no one cared about what she's going through
the tall beautiful girl was suffering and she did not break through
the fear in her mind which held her prisoner to societies views

An act through fears and pain she was not a coward

when she took her own life little did people know the fears and pain

she lived with every day the girl sat quiet shut from the world

uniformly the thoughts hit home and striking chords within her dark mind

Impulsive or planned the feelings come to us all at times

chaotic and rapid leaving no hope within the lives of sufferers

individual and alone you can not fight during the deep depressions

the darkened days you now find yourselves in working through life

ending your life seems the only way sometimes

Throughout our cold dark days however hard we search

there's no light No hope or goodness left in our minds

we believe there is no future

only with help can we find our ways with unions formed in the darkness

of our minds gaining help is a major step to improving our lives

Health and well-being we all share tainted views lead to drastic measures

suicide is an act of desperation but it won't always

be dark like it Is it can improve if you hold on and believe in

yourself no matter how hard it is.

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