Little boy wonder
Posted by froggy
26th Oct 2017

My aim is to provide hope and inspiration to other victims and survivors whilst also highlighting mental health and other common factors surrounding surviving rape, sexual abuse, brutality, neglect and violence.

My Father is a paedophile. During my early years my father won sole custody of me over my Mother, she never protested.

He then moved a friend of his into the family home, who then went on to Rape and systematically abuse me, this caused me in adulthood a variety of mental health disorders. my father was fully compliant.

The STIGMA! attached to my father spilt over onto me as early as 11 years old, I suffered plenty of abuse due to the STIGMA!

The STIGMA has played a big part in me sharing this with you, with the hope that you will understand and support my fight.

Lets all play our part by raising public awareness against the discrimination, lets talk more, don't hide from it, don't be frightened, the more we talk the smaller the issue gets, ultimately leaving all those who discriminate against with nowhere left to go.

So stigma and discrimination can trap people in a cycle of illness. The situation is exacerbated by the media. Media reports often link mental illness with violence, or portray people with mental health problems as dangerous, criminal, evil, or very disabled and unable to live normal, fulfilled lives.

Myself is not violent, nor am I dangerous or evil. As in the vast majority of other people.

Thank you so much.

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