Feelings and advice
Posted by jayboo
25th Oct 2017

I am really struggling with my feelings and talking to people about how I been with everything going on for all the stress and the anxiety, crying I do not know where else to turn. I have bipolar disorder type 2 and I am also now looking into being diagnosed with a ED and I don't know how else to cope but to binge eat, scratch up my arms.

I feel like a burden to people all my loved ones are really kind for listening and my partner has been amazing but I feel like no one really gets it. I am so overwhelmed by my weight and size i hate the size I am and have tried everything, carlorie counting, lifting weights, over doing the cardio. I just can not seem to get any smaller. I get anxiety whenever I leave the house as I am scared people will judge me.

I really want to heal my body with myself if anyone has any tips on how to deal with anxiety and to heal my relationship with my body and food. I am looking for professional help but also want to look after myself with selfceare as its far away the help.

Any advice is greatly appreciated

another bipolar chick

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