Life living with anxiety
Posted by edge31
8th Oct 2017

When i was growing up i never really suffered with anxiety, it was around high school time i think i started becoming sensitive to things. I belive my mum and dad splitting up had something to do with it and being abused by my great uncle but my anxiety was lying dormant.(i woukdnt know it until i got to about 26 that my anxiety would be at its worse and hit me really bad). At around 20 i had a child with my ex partner we spilt up as she had met someone else and i lost my son as she didnt want me to see him, she moved away to teeside in middlesborough and i trued to fight to see my son, while all this was going on my mother was battling cancer which sadly she lost her fight at the age of 41 still my anxiety was moderate. After having time off because of my mothers death i went back to work. I worked in a mental hospital which wasnt good because of my mental health issue. A year passed and i got a promotion as a team leader after a few months a patient broke my ribs whilst trying to recover my anxiety were really bad and i couldnr cope i suffer with depression and anxiety, claustrophobia too no medication is working for me and everyday is a constant battle but im trying diffrent things, i would like to help other people because i think it helps me. Thanks cor reading there is more but this would take long time to write.

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