It's okay to not be happy by Hannah
Posted by hannahking
18th Sep 2017

So often we are searching for something. In search of a different emotion, another situation, an alternate place to be, mentally, physically, in present and future. Happiness is so regularly idealised, and a word excessively used. What if for a moment we tuned into the other emotions too. In our lifetime we are inevitably going to experience a range of emotions, so perhaps it is not about searching for what isn’t there but instead about being mindful of what is.

When we are mindful of our current feelings we can notice the variety of sensations that occur. Perhaps instead of happiness there may be acceptance, tranquillity, contentment, hope, trust, forgiveness. I have noticed and I’m sure many others too that when we resist our current emotions in search of an ideal one, we become further away from what we are searching for.   

I feel it’s important to remember that we are only human, it’s natural to feel an array of emotions and to not feel constant happiness is quite okay. 

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