Army by Jess
Posted by SANE
14th Sep 2017

Suicide is lonely.

The solution to an endless fight against my own mind.

So exhausted, nothing else seems possible.  

Blinded by darkness. Where am I? Who am I?

An inescapable darkness steals my last breath.

Suicide is my comfort.

Suicide… The echo that remains once I am gone.             

Except I don’t go…


I stop.

I notice.

The comforting call of suicide continues. I listen. And I notice.

I notice a solitary bird in the sky. I notice the icy wind on my face. I notice my regular long deep breaths.

As I notice, I reconnect.

Gently waking from a long and painful sleep.

Rediscovering life’s unassuming moments.

And strangely beautiful.


And then I talk.

An unfamiliar voice at first.

My own.

Outstretched hands I had never noticed.

I share. I talk.

My load is lifted.

No longer lost and alone in the battle.

Talking has forged me an army.

An army that has made me stronger.

An army that has saved me from suicide.


Be someone’s army.

Start by talking.

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