Soul To Soul
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27th Jul 2011

When I first saw you I didnít see, the life youíd lived or whatís to be
I was just looking for a friend, not someone until the end
You had no face, just a name, I sent a message all the same
The groups I love & like the most, you liked the same, I raise a toast
To gigís weíd been & had not met, but spiritually I would have bet
We were around each other there, enjoying life, we didnít care

The lifeís weíve lived are parallel, the loves weíve lost & been through hell
I feel your hurt, anger & fear, I could not love someone as you, my dear
I hate it when we are apart, what youíve been through, it hurts my heart
How you were treated when we hadnít met, thatís the past I do regret
If I had been there as your aide, you would not have to be afraid
To tell the oneís of how you felt, when cast the hands you were dealt

Your beauty is more than just skin deep, a loving soul that I will keep
Protected & loved now in my care, let them hurt you if they dare
Iíll take away your pain & dread, and then Iíll get into their head
If you are hurt then I am too, knowing just what I can do
Comes around, goes around I will say, then sit & wait for the day
When they are treated just the same, for my part Iíll have no shame

If people saw just what I see, the loveliest soul could ever be
Their heart would race & fill with love, youíre like an angel from above
Some canít see what is within, the way they treat you is their sin
I see their loss as my gift, through their hurt my soul will sift
Healing you from inside, the growing love it will abide
Getting deeper day by day, in my heart youíll always stay

Our life of love is all we need, there upon our hearts to feed
To get you through another day, words of sentiment Iíll say
I love you so & always will, into your soul it doeís instil
Into my arms Iíll hold you tight, weíre soul to soul into the night
Sleep & dream, for love & peace, will be there & will never cease
When our time on earth is done, our souls will be still as one

(For Nicky..aka U2Fan..Love of my Life)

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