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27th Jul 2011

I never have worked for you, I know what youíre like
It is my girlfriend who gives me insight
Sheís been with you now for more than a year
A lot of that time youíve filled her with fear
Stories sheís heard of the others before
The way they were treated, & walked out the door
I didnít take long for her & I to know
The way you then treat her, no feelings you show
Those three complaints that you investigate
Ten days till the meeting, left her in a state
Worrying about what mistakes she had made
By the time of the meeting two had been laid
To rest by yourselves, she wasnít at fault
The third one though, it was she who had thought
To call the doctor for one in need, she made the shout
You should have queried, why no one else called him out
Then some months later, she then discovered
Some drugs that were missing & never recovered
You left it a week, before she, you suspended
Accusing her of stealing, her nightmare hadnít ended
Next day from the police, upset by their call
Threatened with arrest, if she didnít tell all
The case was then dropped, her name was cleared
Then something happened, which I had feared
I came home from work & found her in pain
I believe she was now ill, because of the strain
Admitted to hospital for scans & a test
A heart problem showed up, she would need rest
So for a month she had in-patient care
With no contact from work, which isnít rare
Apart from the time when shifts they were sorting
Staff rang her bedside wanting supporting
They wanted to know when she would be back
News of her illness that they did lack
Then whilst off sick her job was gone
Her contract severed, they knew that was wrong
Because of the sick note they hadnít received
She didnít want to come back, they had perceived
Her job they did reinstate, they realise it was a mistake
What she had been through, how much more could she take?
Now this is a company who works in care
Residents & staff treated more than unfair
I have seen it before itís a corporate style
Staff are just names & numbers which are kept on file
Their only concern is to make lots more money
Working for companies like this just isnít funny
Hopefully though the last laugh will be ours
Weíll just sit back for quite a few hours
Watching & waiting for the time when
What goes around, comes around, happens again

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