Why even the strongest need help
Posted by whiggo2017
20th Aug 2017

Firstly, I am glad that i am able to speak to people about my mental health. My friends, family and people i have met throughout my life. I know i am not alone, the world and life in general is a difficult place to be in. I struggle everyday, smiling everyday and trying to be happy only covers the cracks appearing within me. I have two beautiful daughters, and i am so proud of them. I have a good job and my family and friends are as good as anyone can wish for....yet....somehow, my life does not seem right. i had a gambling addiction, which started when i was 18. Only in the last few years have i dealt with this-which is benefiting me financially, but money isnt everything. I am not with my wife anymore, but i still try and support her as best i can-as she too has depression. I have helped everyone i have met in my life, since my marriage broke down i went through a number of failed relationships and started drinking more than i ever had. I have managed to hold down my job, which i have been at for the last 16 and a half years, but i over the last two weeks i have broken down and now am on the sick for two weeks. I do not want to be off work, financially it is going to be hard for me but like i said is not everything. You know when you need to be away from everyone, all the same words and same attitudes....that is how i feel now. I am a people person, but right i admit..i am not. What i do now i do not know, i know i will feel better in i was ill a few years ago and was arrested by the police officers i worked with when i was a special constable for 5 years. The last 3 years i have been hard for me, as were the 3 before that...I am sleeping on my parents sofa at the moment but they are not very supportive of me. I have a roof over my head and i am luckier than some. Any advice for me would be gladly appreciated....i really do not know where to go from here.......

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