My Imaginary Friend
Posted by happymind
9th Aug 2017

Who's that sleeping next to me at night? Oh, that's just my imaginary friend.
Who's that mimicking my stretch first thing in the morning? Oh, that's just my imaginary friend.
Who's that following me like a stray dog on a winters morning? Oh, that's just my imaginary friend.
Who's that whispering "they're laughing at you, you know?"..that's him again.
Who's that cutting the ribbon on my last ounce of self- esteem today?..Just him.
Who is residing in my mind today as if I were some sort of emotional paranoid paradise? Oh...

Anxiety is sadly most people's IMAGINARY friend. You can't see it, but boy, it's there. We need to speak up about anxiety.A serious issue that has the ability to completely overthrow someone's train of thoughts. An issue that drives people to cancel plans because of the "what if's?", an issue that overrides a perfectly wonderful human mind to make them think that they are worthless.

This is the imaginary friend we need to bring to reality, to bid a permanent goodbye. Because our mind is no place for such fear, the fear of our mind is what's holding us back! But no more, our mind should be a place of peace and tranquility, where the sun should rise and the sun should set, where we appreciate the rainy days even though it's wet. Where the voices are angelic and mean no harm, where we can finally appreciate that from a storm, comes a calm.

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