Accepting help
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7th Aug 2017

I did it last week, took myself to the doctors and told them exactly how I was feeling scared, terrible anxiety, unhappy and unable to cope with life . Two years of stress and upset has finally got to me. Family don't understand , I wish they could as I don't choose to feel like this, I want to feel my old self again.
I have just started a new job, new challenge to better my life even though I got through the training it all got too much due to my anxiety and depression, so I am hoping given time the medication will start to work so I can do my new job properly and enjoy it. I have done the right thing asking for help and for trying one week at work and realising until the meds kick in I can't be at work, I just hope they don't sack me.
Two weeks off, I must take this time to rest but also to try to help myself. It feels impossible at the moment as I just don't want to see anyone. I must try to be positive.


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