A Little Message by Paul
Posted by SANE
26th Jul 2017

I know what's it like to feel at your wit's end, as though you're giving everything you can to a difficult situation and to the people you love in terms of your patience and time - and for it to still feel as though it isn't enough and that it's hopeless.

I'm a carer for a very ill parent (I have been for five years) and I know how devastating the darkest moments of fear can be - you doubt that the future will be a happy one. But the truth is that it's not hopeless.

Whatever form your own personal struggle is taking, please remember that your determination to wade through your negative thoughts and feelings is an enormous boost, both to yourself and to your loved ones. It might not feel like it but it truly is! Don't give up and don't feel that you're not appreciated because no matter how alone and uncertain you might feel, your life means so much to the people around you. You're helping in ways you can't imagine on a daily basis, moment by moment, hour by hour. Please remember that you have a unique energy and dynamic that you bring to other people's lives that enriches them! I've seen off many moments (or more like bouts) of misery and you can too.

I promise!

Sometimes it might feel like any or even every move you make might make a situation worse, that it might make you more unhappy. But don't underestimate the tenacity of the people who care about you to pick *you* up off the ground when you're feeling at your lowest. You're always there for them in little ways (or maybe in big ways if you're an extremely generous, caring person!) and your friends and family appreciate you so much for that. Lean on them a little - share your thoughts with those you feel close to - and don't succumb to those worries and anxieties.

Life's a long journey and there's so much self-discovery to be had and experienced so please don't deny yourself the joyous possibilities that lie just out of reach. They can be all yours - you just have to believe in yourself. I pray that you will!

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