Following on from kicking myself up the bum!
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19th Jul 2011

So I blogged before to say that I was going to make a really special effort to challenge my panic attacks.

I make myself a list of what I thought I could do whenI wasn't panicky and decided what I wanted to achieve each week... little steps but better than no steps.

So far i have managed to drive my car around the block to my mums house - very useful and although I am havign a panic its about a 3/10 not the 50/10 I was expecting. I have also managed to stay in my flat with similar results and yesterday managed a whole half an hour! thats a massive achievement for me as I couldn't do a minute to start with without panic. I think that as i challenge myself it is going to get harder but the more times i panic and come through the other side the closer I get to being able to help other people.

My long term goal is to become a support worker.

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