Reliving my memory, feeling the same
Posted by mentality
6th Jul 2017

I had to compare my past traumas with 2 very brave princes... referring to photo... I needed to start from the beginning harry spoke out with his emotions and experiences.. my mother died 9th sept 1996, exactly a year later 6th sept 1997 they lost theirs. My mom was born 13th January 1961. Princess Diana was born 1st July 1961. I was the same age as Harry and my sister was the same age as my sister. At this time I wrote a letter to Harry but kept it. Near to my moms anniversary it couldn't get any more similar than that. 20 years on... I won't go through my life but I now suffer with borderline bipolar disorder. I feel I can relate to him so much... even though we r different ... but he has been heard and now I want to give him a huge hug and honestly say I really do know how u feel in a way I'm just a bit crazier... I just needed to get this out cus I've kept that letter and wanted to say this for years even if he doesn't get to read it ..... xxx

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