Helping Hand
Posted by dirkgently1066
4th Jul 2017

I suffer from anxiety. Most of my friends probably know this already.

But do they know what it means?

Normal brain tells me, ‘hey you’re on holiday, take a couple of days to relax just for you, plenty of time to do fun things with the kids.’

Anxious brain says, ‘you’re wasting your holiday and you’re a terrible father for sitting selfishly on your fat arse and stealing the chance for your children to make memories.’

Normal brain says, ‘walk into a room, crack out a one liner, take one back, spend the rest of the day enjoying the back and forth banter.’

Anxious brain says, ‘that’s a good one liner but best not say it in case they’re offended or don’t find it funny. Best not to say anything. But then I look like a misery guts loner who thinks he’s too good to join in with everyone else.’

Normal brain says, ‘yes child, that’s a reasonable enquiry.’

Anxious brain says, ‘oh God, why are you asking me? I can barely decide what t-shirt to wear. I don’t have space in my brain for all these decisions.’

This is why I take antidepressants. I’m not ashamed, I have an illness that needs to be treated. Some days I am crippled with anxiety, even if I don’t show it. Other days I can breeze along without a care in the world. Most days have a fair share of both.

Mental illness is not mental weakness. But sometimes we all need a helping hand.

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