What it's like living with a mental illness...
Posted by kallyhugginsx
3rd Jul 2017

You wake up every morning not knowing what the day is going to be like... You sit there in silence and suffer inside, you have outbursts because you feel like your not heard! It's ok not to be ok just remember that when you take another pill or cutting yourself.
You feel like your different to everyone else and feel like you can't get anywhere in life because your just going round in circles, my personal opinion is that mental abuse is worse then physical, although there both horrible cuts and bruises heal, your mind and your mental state doesn't... You sit there most day questioning your life whether it's worth living or not, you push the people who are closest away, you just shut everybody out and suffer in silence!
Having a mental illness doesn't make you different doesn't make you weird and it certainly shouldn't make you feel ashamed!
Remember there's always a light at the end of the tunnel even if it does take you longer than others!
You'll always have a beautiful soul!

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