Furry Little One
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18th Jul 2011

Adopted furry little one, we think of you just like a son
Not just a pet but family, we canít help from loving thee
Things you do that make us laugh, getting stuck inside the bath
The lightcord toggle gently swings, & to you the joy it brings
Into the water of the toilet slid, then so wet you ran & hid

Chess pieces rolled across the floor, sneaking out of the front door
Seeing what is on our plate, nose turned up at food you hate
Climbing in the washing machine, & tumble dryer, we have seen
Attacking feet fingers & toes, then pat your paw upon our nose
Laying stretched & purring loud, the love you give makes us proud

You can annoy is the case, when trying to tie my shoelace
Pulling & tugging at the end, as on my foot & down I bend
Climbing on the books we read, biting corners that wonít feed
You do it to us to distract, to give attention is the act
So we stop & give a fuss, that is all you want from us

Youíre growing up in leaps & bounds, making all your kitten sounds
Meows & whimpers that you make, we understand thatís no mistake
When you want something you need, meat in bowl for you to feed
Water there for you to drink, so you donít jump in the sink
You used to climb onto the bed, now just one leap it takes instead

I love to watch you lay & sleep, drifting off into the deep
Twitching feet & twitching eye, then you give a gentle sigh
You sprawl across us & relax, then weíre stuck upon our backs
We dare not move in case you stir, we love to feel your warm fur
On our skin or through the sheet, the love you give is such a treat

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