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13th Jun 2017

I decided to write this blog as part of my closure as I celebrate being in this big scary world for 24 years. It's a message of awareness and beating the stigma of mental health.

2 month's ago on the early hours of the 13th April 2017. I attempted to commit suicide after battling mental health problems silently for over 12 months. Later on that day, drifting in and out of unconsciousness, I was rushed to A&E. I was in a critical condition - my organs were failing and I was vomiting any last bit of energy I had. I was hours from my death and it was the most painful experience of my entire life yet I still felt I shouldn't be here.

2 months on, I'm sat here on my 24th Birthday writing this status. These 2 months have been the most hardest, emotional and sometimes most degrading days, yet I've thought through and got stronger by the day.

After everything, my family and friends stuck by my side. Nurses have cared for me. Mental health professionals taught me how to cope. Life seemed simple again.

The main thing I learnt after all those months of thinking I wasn't good enough and I was all alone is that: THERE IS HELP! If anyone is reading this and can relate. I want you to know YOU'RE NOT ALONE. We need to unite and fight to help others that are at there lowest and darkest times. We only have one life and we are never guaranteed tomorrow.

So live for today, hope for tomorrow and love all you care about.

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