Anxiety Disorders and Depression and Me
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12th Jun 2017

I chose my username Tomorrow, for no specific reason, it was just something that hadn't been taken and that my mind was thinking about. However, when I think about it I realize the term Tomorrow is realtive. This is because the current day will always be today and the next tomorrow, this idea makes Annie a lot more dissapointing.

Another thing which is a bit dissapointing is things going on in my life, which I have been told (and it has also been strongly implied) that I shouldn't feel like it is. I am prepping for my GCSEs and my grades are very good, I have a big house, a nice homelife and friends. No one is bullying me (since I moved for my dad's work), my parents are together, I can afford nice things, nothing bad is happening to me basically. But yet, that is not true. Physically, when you scratch the surface you see nothing wrong.

However, if I am open I have mental illnesses, these are very bad and make me feel this way. I have decided I don't like saying them, it makes me feel like a freakish specimen or a patient who can't be cured. I have severe anxiety, anxiety disorders which are; panic disorder, genralized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder. I also have symptoms considered of the spectrum of depression. Now I don't have all of these all the time, my anxiety is always there and easily set off but different ones can someimes dissapear and reappear, or work together.

This is my first entry and I thought I might just put it out there, a terribly rough draft that I needed to do something with.

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