The Anxious Hug Monster
Posted by BG
1st Jun 2017

The Anxious Hug Monster; who has no name, who strikes whenever the monster wishes, who drains you of all the energy you have, who squeezes your brain to mush, who makes your heart pound, who makes you feel weak, who makes your head hurt, who makes your hands shake, turns your legs to jelly, the monster takes away all your self esteem and confidence, the monster makes you feel isolated, alone and weak, the monster affects your memory and concentration, makes you feel uncomfortable, who grabs your heart with a tight grip and refuses to let go, who makes you feel exhausted, who makes your body tremble, who makes your sleep broken, who makes you feel trapped, who makes you cancel plans, who makes you feel lost and detached, who makes you a rubbish friend, who makes you feel lonely and scared, who makes you panic and breathless.
This is The Anxious Hug Monster.

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