Acceptance and don't be ashamed
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28th May 2017

I have suffered for 14yrs with anxiety and depression. I never took medication and was ashamed it would make me weak to ask for help of silly things. Some people go though horrendous stuff and just get on with it and I would feel guilty. I struggled going out, worried I didn't fit in and hated myself.

Now, I wanna thank you for the honesty of your journeys I realised I am not alone.

I always believed you could die from loneliness. I'm so sorry to all of you for the pain and suffering you have indured as I know how crippling it is. I am now saying to myself, 'you are not weak, you have to accept what has happened or what you have and say I am stronger for it. I am me. I will not change for you or anyone only myself.'

Yes I have anxiety yes I have depression but that is not me. I am nowhere near better, but I am better than when I wanted to take my own life. I am not ashamed anymore and none of us should if you feel that way. Through what I have suffered, I believe we can all help and lift each other up as we can all relate to this. Love YOURSELF. Everyone else comes after. Be kind be thoughtful be you. Sending love to you guys and strength though these hard times xxxxxxx

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