You'll Never Know Me
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18th Jul 2011

You never took the time to see, who I was & who was me
I put up with your abuse, the group we were in had a use
Others had the same taste, thatís why I didnít quit with haste
Music & lyrics I enjoyed, with my emotions that you toyed
Considered as thicker than you, that is what you seemed to do

The ridicule you put on me, because I knew less than thee
The others saw you as a peer, went along with laugh & sneer
The time you asked if I masturbate, your put down left me in a state
I didnít know what you meant, and then your time was spent
Explained in detail how & why, laughed at coz I didnít try

Then a friend sold me some mags, the picís were not of hags
Read & looked at cover-to-cover, excitement I then discover
But I didnít like what I did, went into my room & hid
Wrapped some wire around my bits, after staring at their tits
With a plug attached to main, I thought it would relieve the strain

But it didnít work so I, stayed in my room to cry
How do I end this life I live, & the love some wonít give
But I felt I could be strong, & had to carry on
Put up with more of your abuse, fighting I felt was no use
It wasnít physical but mind, treating me so unkind

Like the time you all jump me, itís hard to fight against three
Remove my trousers & run away, over the fence they go astray
Of the girlís school across the way, youíd had your laugh for the day
To get them back I had to go, in front of girlís I didnít know
They were all laughing too, the shame I felt thanks to you

I knew one day we would part, unlike you I have a heart
I often wonder what you became, if you ever felt some shame
You told me once weíre not true friends, hereís the message that it sends
Even though with what you did, the help you gave canít be hid
My son was going through as of me, I saw, they stop & let him be

He will not suffer like I did, I saw in his room he hid
Striking out at his siblings, for ridicule & other things
To the school I took him so, he could let the teacher know
Know one saw the change in me, but I knew & saw in he
I suppose I have to thank you, even though I shouldnít do

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