Mercy, by Sheila E.
Posted by TaliT
26th May 2017

'The poem, Mercy, is about perseverance.  Despite the heartache and pain that accompany my son's battle with mental illness, I continually show my son unconditional and sacrificial love.'

Mercy, by Sheila E. 

please forgive him,

he does not know what he is doing

and will not understand

not ever, even if explained

a thousand times a thousand times

can I even call them crimes?

please forgive him,

he is always sorry afterwards

after the fury,

after the torment, after the pain

after the harm, after the hurry

after the anger scurries

when the sadness buries

he says, “Please forgive me!

and asks, “Does God forgive me?

without hesitation,

without looking at him, I reply

“Yes,  He forgives you.”

and I do too,

I always do

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