Mental Illnesses are Physical
Posted by sandymac
25th May 2017

I have experienced mental health challenges all throughout childhood and have been diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. 

My first major episode was postnatal, after the birth of my first daughter, and this went hand-in-hand with the discovery that my thyroid gland had also stopped working. I had postnatal depression after the births of all three of my daughters; I was hospitalised for long periods of time and my daughters were put into foster care as I had no family to look after them. For the last 20 years, I have struggled to bring up my 3 daughters alone and on benefits.

I would like to campaign for "mental" illness to be treated the same as any other physical illness. Just because it is of the brain instead of the heart/lungs/endocrine system etc etc does NOT make it a non-physical illness. I take levothyroxine to replace the thyroid hormones I lack. I take iron tablets and vitamin-D tablets because I am deficient in these. Likewise, I take the antidepressant, Citalopram, to correct this chemical imbalance in my brain.

They are all physical problems. 

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