Off The Beaten Track
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17th Jul 2011

Schools done time to leave, down the road, books we heave
The station isn’t far to roam, to wait for the train home
I didn’t know of any plans, the boy’s grab me with they’re hand’s
One on feet, one on wrist, panic & fear set as I twist
To avoid the swing towards the line, in case the train is on time

They put me down & move away, feel the anger surge, have to say
What I thought of they’re prank, the way I felt, I didn’t thank
I move towards, scream & shout, that is when the tears came out
They didn’t understand why I, felt the need, I had to cry
The anger that it had dispelled, stopped the punch that I held

At school the word went around, the names I’m called, that I found
They thought I was a geek & weak, the girlie names that they seek
Even those that didn’t know me, felt they had to take the pee
Not for just the tears not hid, but other things that I did
Bible readings & choir’s song, was it me who was wrong

The lessons that I had to learn, to play the flute I did yearn
At breaks the music room I’d be, from the cold, sometimes to flee
Also there the two who did, start the torment, from which I hid
They would not leave me even so, to practice music that I know
The music stand my head they’d stick, leave me with wounds to lick

The scars they are not physical, but mental ones, that I recall
I gave up all the things I do, bible, flute & choir too
Someone took me from the pain, a gentle soul, they did refrain
To touch me now, they never would, with him all the time I could
His size & frame was admired, the look of god’s, that’s desired

Although we didn’t much converse, I felt that he had lift the curse
The bullying & ridicule stop, at lunch we’d walk up to the shop
His shoe’s I’d carry as we wandered, he was barefoot as we pondered
We were together two as one, spending time in the midday sun
I think he saw I was in need, of help, his guidance he did feed

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