Coping with Depression, my Mental Illness, by faizaparvez88
Posted by TaliT
18th May 2017

Coping with Depression my mental illness.

I have been suffering for the past two years and I was born in Pakistan and I have brought up in the UK. I am originally from Surrey, and through my life I have been bullied at primary, middle and high schools into my college days on what I wear, my hair style. When I finished college, I started work in a supermarket. I was harassed m by family, and when I would open up about this to my dad, he used to say I was lying.

I have been happily married for the past two years now, and my wedding day was the best day of my life. I went back home in Pakistan and I was really happy been in a family environment. However, since coming back to the UK in 2017, I was diagnosed with Depression. I am currently on medication for it and frequently go to the Lancashire Women Centre for Mindfit Programmes such as Why Worry, The Planner. I want to do the The Journey with them, I am currently volunteering for British Red Cross as Retail Volunteer where I go for to gain retail experience. This has given my confidence and ability to talk to other people around me.

I have suffered from bullying, harassment and domestic abuse for various reasons, and it makes me think - it is because I was born in Pakistan? 

Lastly, I want to say how after my diagnosis, I have learnt how to cope with my depression; I am so lucky I found the right treatment when I did.

It's Time to Change with a new thought - Let End Mental Health Discrimination!

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