Boy to Man, by Ry Rogers
Posted by TaliT
16th May 2017

We wanted to share this inspiring poem, written by SANE supporter, Ry Rogers, which explores emotivley the oppression men face to speak out about their feelings, in fear of not being "a man". We want to rid of this stereotype, and Rogers defines how we feel powerfully in his poem.

'I wrote the following poem a few months back that I feel encapsulates everything you stand for, by means of rendering the toxic stereotypical interpretation of "masculinity" that would have lads bottle up their issues.'

Boy to Man

Men, we are chained by stereotype, these shackles we must break,
To redefine our masculinity, it is the path that we must take.

So fear not fellow men, wear your heart upon your sleeve,
For real men care not, they simply rationalise and achieve.

Suffer not in silence, without words left unsaid,
For the violence and the struggle that rages inside of our head,
It will only get stronger, the longer that we wait,
So speak up now, don’t leave it, tomorrow may be too late.

Embrace your emotions or better yet, speak it out aloud,
To be an example to other men, a resonating sound.

Be ambitious, be sincere, be gracious in defeat,
Conquer fear, shed a tear, do not simply retreat.

Respect another one’s beliefs or whatever choice their creed,
Act dutifully and selflessly, in the absence of any greed.

For what is life but laughs shared with family and friends,
It is an echoing inner beauty, allowing us to mend.

Look not at the prejudices of others, but instead gaze upon our own,
For this will find you worthy, to withdraw the sword from the stone.

Pick your battles wisely, approach with an open mind,
Your sensibilities may be rejected if your adversary is blind.

I would argue that it is cowards, who seek out the fight,
I implore you to see reason and consider with it our plight,
Disarm your opponent not with fists, but instead with choice of word,
A shepherd you will find yourself, separating the wolf from the herd.

If you ever feel unloved, unappreciated or poor,
Although life is unpredictable, it can offer you so much more.

To feel that nobody cares or knows, is a lonely place to be,
But I promise you this, just call out, you will always have me.

You fail to see how important you to me have always been,
Your troubles can be overcome, your record always wiped clean.

Anybody who claims a lack of concern simply is just lying,
This path toward denial is both tedious and trying.

And so part of my plan is to turn this boy into man,
To show that it is normal to feel nervous or afraid,
When faced with uncertainty and doubt, our vulnerabilities can be displayed.

Real women I trust respect real men, what beautiful creatures they are,
But abandon the superficial and surely you will go far.

Uniqueness is so special, we witness this at birth,
Our diversity must celebrated, for we are all children of the Earth.

Our mantle we must entrust to our future generations
To unite all of humanity, regardless of nation.

I’m proud of you my brother, for contemplating another,
We will face it together, this enduring endeavour.

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