Corporate Continued
Posted by starfire
17th Jul 2011

This was the first that I worked for, till I walked out of the door
The pressure that they put on us, that I felt was so unjust
Promoted to a greater role, when one I love left a big hole
They took over the year before, I didnít see what was in store
He was ill at that time, when they decided to spend a dime

A corporate from the USA, expanding almost every day
Within six months of our take over, in the UK they did rover
Three more companies onboard, & with plans to move aboard
The director given some more sites, as well as ours to manage rights
Of the way theyíre run, promoted then I thought was fun

I saw wayís I could improve, & get our site back in the groove
Running better than had been, to implement I was so keen
Then one I love lost his life, the pain struck me like a knife
Still my role I did fulfil, the pressure though would make me ill
Not of physical but in mind, thatís why I left them behind

My mind was changed with that job, where lots of staff earned bob
To get it done for when they need, extra staff I had to feed
With overtime for the weekend, so on Monday the job would end
Thatís the time theyíd given us, what I found out made me cuss
I wasnít needed for another week, to test us was what they did seek

Overnight my attitude changed, my working life Iíd rearrange
I did not want to work for them, but had to wait for the time when
I had another job to go, to leave them then Iíd let them know
Then someone offered me a role, with less pressure was the goal
I bit their hand off for the chance, to leave without a second glance

But when I left I became irate, they had left me in a state
I saw that they had done me wrong, I rang CAB to sing my song
I wanted then to blow the whistle, a very good case of dismissal
Then the anger began to surge, to bring them down was the urge
Then I felt my heart would burst, when I calmed down it did disperse

But I felt not to pursue, I had a new job to do
Easier than what had been, they didnít know what Iíd seen
They left me to carry out my role, I must admit it was a stroll
No pressure did they put on me, it felt like I was then free
To carry on in my profession, their kindness made a big impression

Iíd like to thank them personally, for the help they gave to me

Thank You to Printflow

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