Overcoming Mental Health
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4th May 2017

"Are you okay?" "Why are you looking miserable?" "Smile, for goodness sake, it might never happen". These questions are asked frequently. Little do people know what you are feeling, what is going on within your life or what you are thinking. It is hard. Mental health is becoming very common within our world and it is in the press nearly everyday. I have been through mental health and I still suffer some days. I have more good days now rather than bad. I have depression, anxiety and anger issues which had taken over my school life and up until now. I decided to get help 12 months ago and I have not looked back since. My counsellor dug deep and although it was very hard, I have come out on the other side. I can now walk around with my head held high without feeling depressed or anxious. I can have conversations with people without turning it into an argument. It affected my education because I was a very angry teenager due to what I had witnessed.

The reason for this blog is I want somebody to read this and know it is okay to ask for help from a counsellor. It is okay to feel angry, sad and anxious. I was scared of changing because anger was all I knew. I didn't know life without that emotion. I resulted in self harm to try and realise it. I have not self harmed for a good few months now and I am on the other side. I want people to know that things do get better. If you are ready for hard work then please seek help.

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