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14th Jul 2011

From upon the bridge I saw him there, he didnt look or even stare.
He held a camera to his eye, but for what, I knew not why.
He asked me who I was, that he, had seen me on the bus at three.
He gained my trust & admiration, with tales of trials & tribulation.
We walked & talked for some hours, in amongst the trees & flowers.

Then we came upon a place he knew, which looked out on grassy dew.
A sheltered place where no one could see, what went on with him & me.
He asked me if I had some hair, his hand did move to touch me there.
The time was late I had go, to meet next day he wanted to know.
I said yes & left him there, not really knowing if I should dare.

On the way home I met my Dad, I had not known the time hed had.
Sick with worry, fright & fear, he had coming looking for me so dear.
When we got in he was irate, spitting fire, anger & hate.
The dogs lead thrown into my chest, the verbal onslaught to digest.
He knew of the man that Id seen, he wanted to know just what had been.
I said nothing happened then, he was the Dad of a friend.

For many years it troubled me, the thing could have, was not to be.
If we had met again, what then?, a fate far worse than what had been.
God only knows who else he sought, to corrupt in deed, mind & thought.
I do not see him in my mind, his face & frame I cannot find.
His name & words I still can hear, but for me I have no fear.
He cannot touch me now you see, for my spirit is greater than of he.

If were to meet again someday, I will just settle down & pray.
That some remorse he has found, before hes buried in the ground.
For the ones hes hurt, that hes sorry, mistakes are made at ones own foley.
If not in life mistakes forgiven, then we have to wait in heaven.
Although were spiritually connected, I dont know how hes affected.
He may be in pain or lost, my help I would give without cost.

I dont know what caused him to be the way he was when he met me.
As for me I dont hold grudges, no harm done, life goes on.

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