Why Me?
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12th Jul 2011

Some may question “Oh Why Me?” that’s because that they can’t see.
Life’s not about just good & bad, or the happiness & sad.
Life’s about experience & learning, not just things that we are yearning.
That great big house or brand new car, some people cannot see that far.
In a world of poverty & pain, suffering & no self gain.
I thank my lucky stars I’ve got, the life I live & what I’ve not.

Would I want fortune & fame, the life I’d live, wouldn’t be the same.
The one’s who would be out to get, what they could, I may regret.
The hangers on, are not true friends, they will not be there till the end.
Their own self worth is all they’d see, taking what they could from me.
And when my fame & fortunes done, the friends I had, they would be none.

My life’s been great & sometimes bad, the loves I’ve lost, nearly drove me mad.
Family & friends not here, but they are of spirit, that’s now clear.
They may be lost, but now I’ve found, with clearer mind, I can get round.
The one’s we love, will still be there, loving us, they still do care.
If we could hear just what they say, it would brighten up our day.
They’d talk of good times still to come, our hopes & dreams, there will be some.

I lost my job & then my house, but I give thanks, I’ve got my spouse.
We first met some years ago, by comparison, with some I know.
I found my soul mate on the net, another month; we’d not have met.
Kindred spirits kept apart, destined to meet, to mend our heart.
We work together as a team, the live’s we lived are just a dream.

We cannot have it all our way, if life’s just good, would we still pray?
Should we think of those in need? or our suffering & greed.
They say to give is to receive, the stress of life it will relieve.
A token gesture, here or there, just to show someone you care.
A thought, a prayer, a helping hand, send your love across the land.
The world is so unjust, you see, so never think “Oh Why Me?”.

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