Your depression.
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24th Nov 2016

Another day. It'll be okay. Maybe not right now, maybe not tomorrow or the next. But another day. Another day will make the difference. You have to stick around and wait for that day. It's not marked on the calendar. It's not a national holiday. It's just like every other day. A Monday. A Thursday. A Sunday. You'll have no sign pointing towards it. You won't have a clue when it'll come. But it'll arrive. It'll arrive and you won't even know it. It'll arrive and the weather might not be sunny and the leaves might not be crunchy but it'll be there. It'll be there and you'll be completely unaware until it passes. Until it passes like the pain you're feeling passes. Like the shock and the worry passes. Like the fear and anxiety passes. It'll be there and you'll bask in it's glow without even noticing. Maybe not today, but another day. -@bexwhiteway

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