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12th Jul 2011

Global domination is all they see, thatís why they donít care about thee
Whatever field of expertise theyíre in, they still need ordinary people to begin
They make their money from our labour, with little reward for us to savour
A pittance pay rise once a year, whilst their profits are all too clear
As they grow spread & expand, we struggle to pay just to keep our land

The restructure came as some surprise, jobís will be lost they did surmise
It didnít seem that long ago, a new company had joined the group we know
The work we had no longer here, moved to the new site in Yorkshire
It wasnít lost to a rival firm, thatís a fact I could confirm
I had to apply for my position, four others were to make the same decision

I lost the fight & took a step back, to an operator role that I could hack
The union fought for my salary, only for 6 months, that suited me
Then more work & a change of shifts, gave me back the role I missed
The money wasnít quite the same, at least I had my Team Leader name
It stayed like that for sometime, the Global Leader role would never be mine

Then we merged with a new site, to save more money was my insight
The writing was on the wall to see, they had Team Leaders, as well as me
Finishing moved to a separate room, unable to help filled me with gloom
The machine we had just couldnít cope, with the work we had, the client lost hope
They insisted it was run on different machine, not at our site to keep it clean

Then the restructure began again, the work we lost was to blame
The staff excluded were not ours, theyíd been working there for hours
The list drawn up of whoís to leave, for me it would be a reprieve
Iíd done my time & wanted to go, waiting for the letter to know
No more corporate for me, the stress no more had set me free

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