skipping to the beat of life
Posted by sophie68
15th Oct 2016

Skipping To Thebeat of Life

I felt alive , the rolling mist of darkness cleared before my eyes . No more the
darkness that blighted my heart . My soul dancing to the tune of life . My mind focused
for the first time in a longtime I feel in control . Piece by piece I am restoring my once
shattered life
Up early with a spring in my step . My house becoming a home once again .
Relaxed and ready to front the day , no matter what tribulations I have to face . Actually
feeling good and more than a passing phase . The good times are here to stay . I bless
each day that I awake . Thanking god for giving me the strength to survive the black
abyss . Now I am skipping to the beat of life . The stormy seas are over . I feel I could
touch the stars slide down rainbows and shine as bright as the moon and the sun .
A new day has dawned the start of my life again
hi this is the finishing poem to my poetry book , On Being Scizoaffective , A Surreal Soul .
it is about how i have recovered and been stable and hospital free for four years . i still have little ups
and downs, but copable . i hope to have the book published early next year

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