for bipolar spouses..?
Posted by reese34
7th Oct 2016

Hi, has anyone ever broken up with there partner over an impulse moment? I did with my bipolar girlfriend, 9 weeks a go. At the time I couldn't help how she made me feel, felt that bad I wanted to leave. Ok maybe I could have stayed, and maybe I could have said it wasn't over but still go home, and say we can talk about this later. also while I was still there she also could have made an attempt to try and talk to me, instead of just letting me go home. so she emailed me a week later, I did answer her email, but she hasn't said anything back.

its been 9 weeks, for someone who said we would talk all this out, who wanted it all with me I feel now she is pretty quick to let go. do you think maybe she needs more time and space? do you think I have any hope we will ever talk again? It was just one of those things I know we both by now could have just talked about, I feel hurt that I couldn't have meant that much to her, what if she is one of those who doesn't come back? I know some bipolar people do and some don't, I know it depends on there cycle ect, do you think she knows deep in her heart it was just an impulse moment? If we are not able to sort something like this out, then I don't know how we would sort things out if we ever had gotten married? people break up a lot worse than things like this and they work it out again.

does anyone else feel the way I do?

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