for bipolar spouses..?
Posted by reese34
7th Oct 2016

Hi, I have read some bipolar exes do come back, some don't, weather it was you break it up or your partner,

does anyone know, if it was just an impulse moment, if your ex over time will come back and talk to you>?
after we had broken up, she had emailed after a week, I had answered her email, but I haven't heard anything since,,

I haven't emailed because I don't want to put any pressure on to her, I feel if she wants to talk I would rather her be ready.

what if she has choosen to just not talk it out? and what if shes just moved on that quick after 9 weeks?

do you think she may want more time and space? for someone who said to me we would always talk and sort things out, now I feel I don't mean anything to her.

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