The Ladder
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12th Jul 2011

Think of the life we live as a ladder
To be who we’re mean’t to be & do what we’re mean’t to do
We have to get all the way to the top
Each rung is a different experience or lesson
But along life’s way there are many set-backs
These set-backs cause us to go down the ladder instead of up
Sometimes we may fall off the ladder completely
Which then makes us scared to get back on it again
That’s when we need support, someone to convince us not to be scared
To help us get our foot back on the first rung
Then hold it for us while we climb back up again
Just enough to keep it steady & safe to regain our confidence & trust
Then we can make it the rest of the way up without fear of falling or slipping
Knowing that help is still at hand to support us if we need it
When we need it & the climb starts to get a bit harder again
That support we need comes from family & friends
Sometimes it may come from a total stranger
Who see’s that we need help & offers the hand of friendship
Some of us may feel we’ve made it all the way to the top already
With very little help along the way
But there’s still the risk of falling or slipping even once we’re up there
So we still need to make sure the support is there if needed

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