cant sleep wont sleep
Posted by sophie68
26th Sep 2016

hi my name is amand jayne gilmer . i have scizoaffective disorder and i am recovered from a psychotic breakdown i had about four years ago . still have little ups and downs but coping . ive noticed 3 days before my depot injection is due i find it hard to sleep and feel a bit hyperactve . do you lie there till you eventualy drop off if possible or get up and do somthing . i tend to get up and do somthing in case im too tired to do it next day .
tonight in doing household chores as i cant sleep on wednesday i have my paliperidone injection . feel wide awake and its gone one . i write poetry so might do some poetry in a bit . for anyone interested in writing United Press and forward Poetry do free to enter poetry competitions . they also pick the best entries to go into an anthology . im in about 17 anthologies . writing poetry is the perfect wind down if you cant sleep . give it a go you may be surprised . anyhow gonna get on with housework . hoping ill sleep later

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