Direction and Triangulation
Posted by phen
23rd Sep 2016

My voices, I mean the new ones - the ones that have been here for two years, as opposed to all the merry bunch of voiced I have had with me for, gee, twenty years now, are very directional. I started noticing that I can hear one particular voice in one ear and nothing in the other ear and then it may stop, or carry on while another voice, of different pitch and tone may seem to come from a different direction. Somewhere around six months ago I discovered a tool I use, and that is to quiet the mind to the point where I wilfully think no thought at all and just listen. It's hard to do, but I'm getting better at it. I say hard insomuch that when you hear an errant thought, you want to reflect on it, think about it, or have an opinion of it, to disagree, even. But I find that if I truly quiet my mind and not think about the content, I start to get a direction at to where it come from. Add to this triangulation, with a quiet mind, and no other sound i.e telly, radio, washing machine and so on, I can quietly go about the house and to some degree, and find the source of the voice. And what do I do? Well, what can you do? I then stop and go about my business, but it is duly noted and is contemplated on, when (oh god!, I love it then, even though it is rare) I have some piece of mind.

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